SheTravel webinars: “Female Traveller Safety Considerations” and “Women who inspire: Travel into change”


We are excited to announce that we will be hosting online events in the next few months and we hope that you can join us.


Female Travellers Safety Considerations

Our Female Traveller Safety Considerations webinar, which took place on the 22nd April Wednesday, saw audience of over 40 people joining us.  During these challenging times, the webinar allowed us to take a moment to go back to basics and discuss the foundations of personal safety to provide you with top safety tips to take with you when it is safe to travel again.


We were be joined by Caroline Neil, the Managing Director of RPS Partnership, who gave advice on staying safe while travelling. Caroline has provided training and advice for a broad range of companies and NGOs; from large media corporations to international charities and governments. She has also worked as Head of High-Risk Security at the BBC, where she advised the senior leadership team and war zone journalists on crisis management. Throughout her diverse career, she has worked extensively in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and has also worked in Central and South America.


During the Female Traveller Safety Considerations webinar, we will also discussed intuition and the role that fear can play in sending survival signals that can protect us from violence. As Gavin de Becker writes in his book “The Gift of Fear”, intuition is not something magical, out of the blue knowledge that just appears from nowhere. Intuition is your brain picking up signals of all the information that is consciously or unconsciously available for you, sending a message that something may not be quite right. “Predictions of stranger-to-stranger crimes must usually be based on few details, but even the simplest street crime is preceded by a victim selection process that follows a protocol.”


According to de Becker, more complicated crimes, such as committed by serial rapists or killers, require that a series of specific conditions to be met: “Some aspects of victim selection (being the right appearance or “type”, for example) are generally outside the victim’s influence. However some aspects, such as accessibility, setting and circumstance are determinable and can be influenced by you.”


The seminar did not replace the one-day comprehensive female traveller safety workshop, but it was a a beneficial overview of the safety considerations for female travellers.


We are also planning another webinar in May which will look into female traveller security in a specific region. Details will be shared in due course.


“Women who inspire: Tavel into change”

With the recent events and travel put on hold, SheTravel and Girls on Travel have collaborated to bring you a special evening of talks and a Q&A session with three expert speakers covering everything from resilience climbing the Everest, to travel as a young black female to walking 800km in the largest desert. This is a unique event open to all, meant to cheer us up and inspire us, exploring the theme of female travel, inspiring attendees to discover new regions of the globe and plan their next adventures with confidence. The event starts at 1800hrs, Wednesday 29th April.

Book your place here: “Women who inspire: Travel into change”




Jo Bradshaw – Adventurer, Expedition leader, Outdoor instructor

Jo is a former no saying, height hating, comfort loving sofa surfer who turned her life around by saying YES a little more often. Standing on top of Everest in 2016 having survived the earthquake whilst at Camp 1 on the mountain in 2015, she did wonder how on earth she got there but Everest is just one chapter, not the whole story.

Back in 2008 Jo was a Business Advisor living a very risk averse life but now, as an Expedition Leader and Outdoor Instructor, she takes students and adults on adventures here in the UK and all over the world sharing her passion for the outdoors. ‘Say yes now and work it out later’ was her late Father’s mantra and she encourages others to embrace that saying too.

Jo has now completed 6 of the 7 summits, some multiple times, and is fundraising for children’s mental health charity Place2Be as part of her challenge.

Facebook: @Jo Bradhsaw

Instagram: @_jobradshaw


Janey McGill – Explorer, Writer, Speaker, Endurance athlete

At 29 Janey was serving in the Reserves and studying to be a lawyer. Training for a military horse race she wrestled with a racehorse and lost, fracturing five vertebrae, cutting her military career short and taking her down an eclectic path for a decade in search of purpose and belonging and ultimately the desert.

Last year Janey and her team of British, Omani and American men and women walked 800km of the Worlds largest sand desert, the Empty Quarter, to deliver the message we are better together.

Janey’s team challenged prejudices and broke down culture, gender and identity stereotypes. Supported by Land Rover MENA, their campaign film was released for International Women’s Day.

Instagram: @janey.mcgill


Pelumi Nubi – Travel passionate, Blogger, Speaker

Pelumi Nubi is currently in the final year of her PhD studentship in cancer research and human genetics.

She started travelling intentionally almost 3 years ago with a mission to visit 30 countries before she turns 30. However, she fell so deeply in love with travelling and has now have visited over 60 countries. Her new goal is to visit all 195 UN recognised countries and to be the youngest black woman to do so.

Pelumi describes travelling to be the kintsugi (a Japanese word for mending with gold, therefore, making a broken item better than new) of life; It’s able to both mend and enrich, making one’s life a lot more fulfilling. Travelling has turned her to a storyteller. Whilst teaching her the ability to connect with people on a deeper level and showcase that there is more good in the world than bad.

Instagram: @black.kintsugi


In association with:

Girls on Travel

Globetrotter and self-proclaimed ‘travel addict’ Gaëlle De Vriendt is the founder of Girls on Travel, a travel company connecting and empowering solo women travellers with incredible trips to diverse destinations, including the Greek Islands, South America and many more.

The ethos behind Girls on Travel is that holidays create a real sense of companionship and enable you to create new-found friendships, learn about other cultures and make some incredible memories to boot. With a curated travel programme, all the nitty gritty details taken care of and an ambassador joining you throughout the entirety of the trip, female travellers are able to just kick back, relax and fully enjoy their globetrotting adventure.


Facebook: @girlsontravel


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