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The modern world has transformed the way in which we work and travel. More often, business and leisure trips take us to destinations where the culture and traditions differ from our own, sometimes to remote locations which carry higher risk to personal safety. The key to safe travel is knowledge and research of the destination, maintaining situational awareness and understanding the environment.

That is why SheTravel decided to bring together women who travel. To share experiences, create a secure space to ask questions from a network of fellow travellers and read interesting articles and top tips.

At SheTravel we know that all questions are important and sometimes simple advice may prevent situations becoming serious. Sometimes it’s easier to ask certain questions from peers who may have had similar concerns or experiences – good or bad. SheTravel also understands that some topics require a confidential environment and that risk appetite differs for each traveller.

SheTravel has created a women only network for modern business travel, allowing it’s members to share information to aid safe travel wherever your destination may be.

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