About SheTravel

About SheTravel


SheTravel is a women only network for modern travel, enabling  it’s members to share information to aid safe travel wherever their destination may be. SheTravel forums are a confidential space to ask travel and safety related questions from other SheTravel community members. SheTravel also provides country risk overviews and female specific safety guides written by our experts.

SheTravel is powered by Northcott Global Solutions, a leading Global Emergency Assistance Company, giving SheTravel wealth of experience, expertise and support to provide information and assistance to all travellers. Years of understanding and developing response strategy has enabled NGS to work with every industry sector, regardless of global location. Our team consists of high-caliber individuals who are carefully selected for their experience, ability to make decisions and get the job done. SheTravel members can reach out to NGS for further travel assistance and support via [email protected] or [email protected].


Why SheTravel?


Women face unique challenges when travelling which have historically been overlooked. The globalised world we live in has removed the hurdle of distance for many people. The ability to travel across many countries in a short period of time is a cultural minefield where social norms may differ from our home country. That is why SheTravel brings together a community of women to share information and experiences to aid safe travel. Sometimes a little knowledge can make a big difference – knowing the risks is the first step to safety. The SheTravel concept is a simple: to provide safety in the form of accessible information from our exclusive network of female travellers.



According to recent research and surveys conducted by a variety of organisations, the number of women travelling for business and domestic reasons is increasing year by year. The number of women travelling to medium and high-risk countries is also on the rise. The George Washington University School of Business reported that nearly two thirds of travellers are women travelling solo with the numbers doubling in the past five years. However, research has also shown, that female travellers disproportionately suffer from incidents of sexual assault, harassment, theft, and drink spiking.

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s largest association of managers, buyers and service providers conducted research together with the WWStay, revealing that more than half of corporate travel buyers say they have a higher percentage of females in their traveling populations than just three to five years ago. However, the findings also showed that nearly 70% agree that female business travellers today face higher travel safety risks. More than 8 in 10 (83%) of women say they experienced one or more safety-related concerns or incidents while traveling for business in the past year. 90% of women say concerns about safety influences activities pursued during personal time while on business travel and 80% say safety concerns have impacted their productivity on business trips. Overall, the report revealed that awareness of the risks faced by travellers in general and female business travellers has never been higher.

During Northcott Global Solutions’ (NGS) lone female traveller workshops, women shared their experiences of security related incidents that have occurred during their travel, varying from sexual harassment, intimidation, serious assault, and drink spiking.

There are steps we can take to ensure women of all backgrounds feel supported in their travel. SheTravel joins together all our journeys – to learn from each other and to provide a safer tomorrow.

Safe travels,

SheTravel Team